National and Papal flags

National and Papal flags

The Knights Emblem

The Knights Emblem

Ladies Auxiliary Emblem

Ladies  Auxiliary Emblem

Cadets Emblem

Cadets Emblem

Junior Auxiliary Emblem

Junior Auxiliary Emblem

A K W A A B A - W E L C O M E - Inaugurated 7th May 2005

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26 January 2009

Wedding and Thanksgiving Mass

On Sunday 25th January 2009 a Thanksgiving Mass was held at the Queen of Peace Catholic Church to give thanks to our Lord for all the good things He has done for us since our inauguration in 2005 . A cash donation was given to the Church towards the annual harvest and all the newly installed Officers of both the Commandery and Auxiliary were blessed and presented to the congregation. It was a joyous occasion for us all. We also celebrated the wedding of one of our Sisters and her new husband in December. It was a lovely day and Mr and Mrs. Boateng were given full military honours.

12 January 2009

Charity begins at home-

The 2008 Charity event was held on the first Friday of January 2009. During the Christmas season on the first Friday of December some items were added to the items donated by parishioners and were sent out. In January both the Commandery and Auxiliary contributed to send items to over 50 elderly and sick. Sisters met at the Parish house on the 1st of January after Mass and the items were bagged and made presentable. These were mostly food items and toiletries and these were taken by the Priests and some Auxiliary Sisters during the Communion rounds. There was joy on the faces of the elderly as they received their gifts, had Communion and songs were sung with them. Clothes and shoes were also donated which will be taken to needy people at a later date. these could not be given out this time since most of the visited were bed ridden.

News from the Cadet Commandery

Sad News from the Cadets

The Cadet Commandery lost a young active Cadet in October 2008. Cadet Jonathan Ayina passed away under tragic circumstances. He was the youngest son of Senior Brother Ayina of Commandery #604. Thanksgiving Mass was held for him and the family were visited by all from the Commandery and Auxiliary. He was also honoured at the end of year Annual Memorial Mass held in November 2008. Cadet Jonathan, May you Rest in perfect Peace in the bosom of our Lord until we meet again. - (after reading this say two Hail Mary's for Jonathan)

Initiation of new Cadets

On a happier note, twenty six new Cadets were initiated into the Order on the 14th December 2008. They had been taken through lectures, drills and training by the Commander and other officers.After the initiation, they were welcomed by all and a small feast was given.

News from the Commandery

Elections were held in the Commandery and the successful Officers were installed in full military on Saturday the 10th January 2009. Here we see the Officers being sworn into office. There is a group picture at the bottom of the page. The Officers are:

Bro James Ndor Agbeko Klu Worthy President
Bro Albert Gyaney 1st Vice President
Bro Joseph Gati 2nd Vice President
Bro Kafui Akali Rec/Secretary
Bro Richard Atiegah Ass. Rec/Secretary
Bro Fidelis Dery Financial Secretary
Bro Bernard Adjei Treasurer
Bro Sylvanus Dogbe 1st Trustee
Bro Herbert Agbezuge 2nd Trustee
Bro James Nordu Jakalia 3rd Trustee
Bro David A. d’Almeida Commander
Bro Cephas Ayisah 1st Vice Commander
Bro Gabriel Kofi 2nd Vice Commander
Bro Ikye Nzonwanne Messenger
Bro Kenneth Agamah Sgt-at-arms
Bro Charles Abiti Guard
Bro Joseph Obeng Cadet Organiser

News from the Ladies Auxiliary-New Officers

On the 11th October 2008, elections were held in the Auxiliary and 13 new officers were elected. They were duly installed on the 15th of November.

Sis Veronica Jackson Respected President
Sis Felicia Ami Klu Respected Past President
Sis Janet Yaa Ansah 1st Vice President
Sis Vivian Lidwine Tougan-Klu 2nd Vice President
Sis Cynthia Kanko Rec/Corr Secretary
Sis Mariska Taylor-Darko Financial Secetary
Sis Francisca Onantoso Mantey Treasurer
Sis Maud Asamoah 1st Trustee
Sis Margaret Sylvia Apekey 2nd Trustee
Sis Prudence Abra Adafia-Danku 3rd Trustee
Sis Cyndi Agbalegah Messenger
Sis Ernestina Hammond Sentinel
Sis Doris Saadogr Guard
Sis Regina Esi Teiko Kayi Appointed as Junior Directress
Sis Faustina Ama Kumbey Appointed as District Delegate

Jnr Auxiliary News

On the 30th November 2008, twenty five young girls were initiated into the Order. They were smartly dressed and looking forward to being part of the Order. All the aspirants were taken through lectures and drill practice and were well prepared for the day.

The Knights,The Ladies Auxiliary, The Cadets and Junior Auxiliary

THE KNIGHTS - 14th District Commandery

THE LADIES AUXILIARY - Accra East District 3

The Ladies Co-ordinating Committee was established to co-ordinate the activities of the three Grand Ladies Auxiliaries in Ghana with Sis. Josephine Sey as the first Chairperson.

The Ladies Auxiliary have been very active in organising in all the five countries in West Africa. The first Ladies Auxiliary was organised in Liberia followed by Philomena's Auxiliary at Sekondi, then Kumasi, Keta and Denu respectively all in Ghana. The ladies are a strong support of the Knights whenever they turnout.(A turnout is when the Order appears for an event in full military uniform)

Running concurrently with the Knights and Ladies are the Cadet Commanderies & Junior Auxiliaries. These are the nursery stages of the Order where young boys and girls, as future leaders, are groomed to take over from the older Knights and Ladies.

Meeting Days of Commandery and Auxilliary of Queen of Peace, Madina - All meetings are held at the Queen of Peace Catholic School premises.

The Knights Commandery meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9.00 am.
The Ladies Auxiliary meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 8.00 am.
The Cadet Commandery meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after First Mass.
The Junior Auxiliary meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after the First Mass.

The Patron Saint of the Ladies Auxiliary is The Blessed Virgin Mary and her colours are Blue for love and White for purity

The Patron Saint of the Knights is St. John the Baptist

The Order is involved in the following activities:

Religious/Catholic Action
Spiritual Growth
Charitable Benevolence
Social/Fraternal Activity
Athletics/Military Drill
Youth Development/Sport and games