National and Papal flags

National and Papal flags

The Knights Emblem

The Knights Emblem

Ladies Auxiliary Emblem

Ladies  Auxiliary Emblem

Cadets Emblem

Cadets Emblem

Junior Auxiliary Emblem

Junior Auxiliary Emblem

A K W A A B A - W E L C O M E - Inaugurated 7th May 2005

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17 November 2013

1st Anniversary and unveiling of Tomb of our Dear Sister Lucy Nimoh Obeng

On the 4th-6th November 2013, the first anniversary  of the death of our Sister Lucy Nimoh Obeng who died on the 4th October 2012 was celebrated by the family with the unveiling of her tomb, Holy Mass and presentation of a statue of Mother Mary to the St. Mary's Catholic Church Besease, Ashanti Region.  Rest in Peace Sister Lucy Obeng - You feared not to join the ranks of the dead.  We see her husband Sir Knight Joseph Obeng paying his last respects and making the presentation of the beautiful statue to the Parish Priest.

14 November 2013

Welcome new Junior Auxiliary Members

On Sunday 10th November  2013 Thirteen new members were admitted into the Queen of Peace Junior Auxiliary #143.  They had been well prepared and Rev Father Anthony gave them good advice and blessed them.  They were welcomed by all including the President of the Ladies Auxiliary, The Directress and Assistant Directress and Sis Marvel Amakyi whose second daughter is now part of this noble Order. They were refreshed and given advice by other members of the Junior Auxiliary 

8 November 2013

Six New Brothers initiated into Comm #604

On the 2nd November 2013, Six Brothers were initiated into our Noble Order at Queen of Peace Commandery #604, Madina.  The Brothers had gone through intense lectures and drills and were well prepared to be received into the Order.We see them proudly standing for the group photograph immediately after the initiation.  From left to right we have:

1. Solomon Mosogu, 2. Enock Odoi-Anim, 3. Francis Messiga Ofori-Attah, 4. George Fiashide, 5. Anthony Afanyade, 6. Daniel Dombadoh. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME!

The Knights,The Ladies Auxiliary, The Cadets and Junior Auxiliary

THE KNIGHTS - 14th District Commandery

THE LADIES AUXILIARY - Accra East District 3

The Ladies Co-ordinating Committee was established to co-ordinate the activities of the three Grand Ladies Auxiliaries in Ghana with Sis. Josephine Sey as the first Chairperson.

The Ladies Auxiliary have been very active in organising in all the five countries in West Africa. The first Ladies Auxiliary was organised in Liberia followed by Philomena's Auxiliary at Sekondi, then Kumasi, Keta and Denu respectively all in Ghana. The ladies are a strong support of the Knights whenever they turnout.(A turnout is when the Order appears for an event in full military uniform)

Running concurrently with the Knights and Ladies are the Cadet Commanderies & Junior Auxiliaries. These are the nursery stages of the Order where young boys and girls, as future leaders, are groomed to take over from the older Knights and Ladies.

Meeting Days of Commandery and Auxilliary of Queen of Peace, Madina - All meetings are held at the Queen of Peace Catholic School premises.

The Knights Commandery meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9.00 am.
The Ladies Auxiliary meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 8.00 am.
The Cadet Commandery meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after First Mass.
The Junior Auxiliary meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after the First Mass.

The Patron Saint of the Ladies Auxiliary is The Blessed Virgin Mary and her colours are Blue for love and White for purity

The Patron Saint of the Knights is St. John the Baptist

The Order is involved in the following activities:

Religious/Catholic Action
Spiritual Growth
Charitable Benevolence
Social/Fraternal Activity
Athletics/Military Drill
Youth Development/Sport and games