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National and Papal flags

The Knights Emblem

The Knights Emblem

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Ladies  Auxiliary Emblem

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Cadets Emblem

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Junior Auxiliary Emblem

A K W A A B A - W E L C O M E - Inaugurated 7th May 2005

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4 September 2015

Queen of Peace Knights & Ladies attend Ordination of Brother Knight Elisee Yao Attiogbe in Lome,TOGO

Newly Ordained Father preparing to inspect the parade before his 1st Mass

With Brothers of Togo Grand Commandery

with Queen of Peace Officers

With Queen of Peace Sisters

A contingent of brothers and sisters from Queen of Peace Commandery #604 and Aux #510 converged on Friday 7th August 2015 en-route to be part of history, the Ordination of 20 New Priests among which one of their own, Brother Knight Elisee Yao Attiogbe was part. The 33-seater bus zoomed off exactly at 3pm and the travelers went through a vigorous border checks until finally got to their destination around 8.30pm and with the wear and tear, they could only enjoy the supper of the day and kissed their pillows till the next day.
By 6am on Saturday 8th August 2015, the contingent was aboard their shuttle to the Cathedral in Lomé where the event, Ordination of 20 Priests, was taking place. The major event started at 8am under the command of the Mgr. Denis Amuzu-Dzakpah, the Archbishop of Lomé. Over 100 Priests were in attendance and each of the Candidates had only 5 family members allowed into the inner peripheral of the Cathedral. The rest were humbly planted under canopies outside the Cathedral but were entrusted with giant television screens to watch events from inside.
In his Homily, the presiding Archbishop dwelt on the first reading from Numbers 11:11-25; where Moses was lamenting about the Israelites and God asked him to select 70 men on which were entrusted God’s spirit as prophets. From the Gospel of Luke 10:1-9; he said, “The harvest is plenty but the workers are few” and counted, “the new priests are being sent out like sheep among wolves without shepherds. They should therefore be as cunning as snakes and help with the harvest”. He concluded entrusting his spirit on them to go out there like prophets.
The event finally came to a close exactly at 1pm and invited family members and friends were treated to refreshment after which the contingent returned to their hostel.
At 6am on Sunday 9th August 2015, the contingent left the hostel to the church la Croix d’Agbalepedo where Rev. Brother Knight Elisee Yao Attiogbe, SMA was having his first Mass with one of his colleagues, Rev. Augustin Tontasse, SDB. The Ghanaian contingent was met on arrival at the church premises by another contingent of brothers and sisters from the Togo Grand Commandery led by the Grand President Brig. Gen. Michel Dosseh-Anyron and his 1st Vice Col. Agbodjan Edward.
The combined team went about one kilometre outside the church to meet their new brother Priest in his Cap and Sash who inspected a parade flanked by the Togo Grand President and the leader of the Ghanaian Queen of Peace Commandery and Auxiliary delegation, 14th District Commander, Captain James Klu. Queen of Peace squad trooped him into the church with presentation of swords for the Mass to begin.
There was presentation of gifts in the form of items and cash in which Queen of Peace contingent did the honour of presenting him a Stole and Cash. The squad again led his exit from the church with the crossing of swords to signify the end of Mass. Our brother Priest and the Togo Contingent could not hide their joy as they expressed their gratitude for our coming to do our brother the honour.
As anything that has a beginning must surely have an end, the Togo Grand contingent and our Brother Priest bade farewell to their Ghanaian contingent even as refreshment was ongoing.
The return journey started immediately after the afternoon meal and by God’s grace, the bus finally came to a halt at the Queen of Peace Church compound before 6pm where each and every one set off to their various homes.

Wedding of a Sister Officer and a Lady

On 16th May 2015, Sister Janet Cyndi Agbalagah became Mrs.Janet Cyndi Ofori after being joined in Holy Matrimony with Mr. John Tulasi Ofori.  Brothers and Sisters graced the occasion and the pair had their fairy-tale wedding in style.
Sister Cyndi Ofori was  the  past Auxiliary Messenger, immediate past Financial Secretary and the current District Commander.  Her dedication to the Auxiliary showed with the attendance where we had  Sisters (team members) coming from St. Bernadette Ladies Auxiliary #325, (her first Auxiliary before transferring to Queen of Peace in 2005) to cross spears for her.  We wish the happy couple a blissful wedded life.

The Knights,The Ladies Auxiliary, The Cadets and Junior Auxiliary

THE KNIGHTS - 14th District Commandery

THE LADIES AUXILIARY - Accra East District 3

The Ladies Co-ordinating Committee was established to co-ordinate the activities of the three Grand Ladies Auxiliaries in Ghana with Sis. Josephine Sey as the first Chairperson.

The Ladies Auxiliary have been very active in organising in all the five countries in West Africa. The first Ladies Auxiliary was organised in Liberia followed by Philomena's Auxiliary at Sekondi, then Kumasi, Keta and Denu respectively all in Ghana. The ladies are a strong support of the Knights whenever they turnout.(A turnout is when the Order appears for an event in full military uniform)

Running concurrently with the Knights and Ladies are the Cadet Commanderies & Junior Auxiliaries. These are the nursery stages of the Order where young boys and girls, as future leaders, are groomed to take over from the older Knights and Ladies.

Meeting Days of Commandery and Auxilliary of Queen of Peace, Madina - All meetings are held at the Queen of Peace Catholic School premises.

The Knights Commandery meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9.00 am.
The Ladies Auxiliary meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 8.00 am.
The Cadet Commandery meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after First Mass.
The Junior Auxiliary meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after the First Mass.

The Patron Saint of the Ladies Auxiliary is The Blessed Virgin Mary and her colours are Blue for love and White for purity

The Patron Saint of the Knights is St. John the Baptist

The Order is involved in the following activities:

Religious/Catholic Action
Spiritual Growth
Charitable Benevolence
Social/Fraternal Activity
Athletics/Military Drill
Youth Development/Sport and games