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A K W A A B A - W E L C O M E - Inaugurated 7th May 2005

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4 September 2007

The Journey of Queen of Peace Commandery & Ladies Auxiliary

In 1981 Brothers and Sisters started settling in Madina and to the Queen of Peace Parish. Among these Brothers and Sisters were Bros John Klu, Andrew Avadu, Patrick Ocloo, Constance Senoo and Charles Apin-Wilson. The Sisters were Christiana Avadu, Laura Ocloo and Mary Senoo. Together these brothers and sisters met every first Saturday of the month at the local Catholic Primary School from 10a.m. to 12 noon.

Madina began to expand and the numbers continued to increase with its members of the Order from different Commanderies and Auxiliaries mainly from St. Bernadette Ladies Auxiliary #325 settling in Madina and its outstations, i.e. Ashaley Botwe, Adenta, Haatso etc. consequently some very useful recruitments from Madina and its environs were made into the Order in the Parish.

A zonal group was formed from different Commanderies and Auxiliaries. These numbered about 50 and the early leaders of the Zonal Group included Brothers Anthony Gyembibi, Michael Nyaku and John Klu who was elected Zonal leader and Sister Christiana Avadu the Assistant Zonal leader. The increasing numbers began thinking of establishing a Commandery and Auxiliary in the Queen of Peace Parish Madina.

On March 15th 2004 some Brothers and Sisters of St. John. the Evangelist Church, through a letter withdrew enblock from this initiative but the Brothers and Sisters from the other outstations remained undaunted.

We were spurred on and redoubled our efforts at recruitment and became more aggressive. Very frequent turnouts were honoured at the Parish and its outstations. In doing this, we received ready assistance from a crop of dedicated brothers and sisters from other Commanderies and Auxiliaries referred to as the "Rapid Response Unit". These people were ready and able to respond to invitations at short notice. Prominent among these were Lt. John Aniglo and Lt. Augustine Eshun of St. Charles Luwanga Commandery; Lt. Aikins and Bro Nii Tackie, Capt C.D. Tanti, Bro. William Asem all of Sacred Heart Commandery Accra, Capt. Agboloso of St. Anthony Commandery, Tema;Bros Sessie, Kalitsi and Kakraba-Quashie of St. Thomas Moore; and Bliss Kokoroko of Kpando and Sister Asem from St. Bernadette Ladies Auxiliary No 325, Accra.

Instead of the monthly meetings, weekly meetings were instituted. These were more or less the School of the Knights which were carried out vigorously. In no time, 36 new applicants were recruited. These fresh applicants were under the guidance of eight faithful brothers who held aloft the hope for a commandery for the Parish.

An application for a Charter was sent to the Supreme Headquarters in the U.S.A. In June/July 2004, the Queen of Peace Commandery No 604 was chartered with absolutely new members only. The eight old members made up of Brothers John Klu, Constance Senoo, Sylvanus Dogbe, Albert Gyane, John Vianey Kundamnuru, Sampson Yirenkyi, Isaac Gomashie and Atiglo organized the new applicants, arranged talks and lectures, prepared and presented them for initiation.

On Friday, 18th March 2005, a delegation of the Accra Grand Commandery under Col. Bob Foli assisted by Capt Nana Buckman and Major Amos Ledi initiated 26 of the new candidates into the new Commandery #604.

The Sisters held meetings with the Deputy Organizer, Sister Elsina Kakrabah-Quarshie who showed a lot of interest, enthusiasm and encouraged Sisters to carry on. Together with the Deputy Organizer, elections were held and an application for a charter for the new Auxiliary was submitted to the Supreme Headquarters in the USA in July 2004.

On the 27th of October 2004 the Queen of Peace Ladies Auxiliary No 510 was chartered. Sisters and new applicants were happy at this achievement and started putting things together for the joint inauguration of the Commandery and Auxiliary. At the same time the Sisters also organized interested Ladies, arranged talks and prepared them for a new Auxiliary. A total of 30 new applicants were ready to be initiated in to the new Auxiliary on the 7th May 2005 having drawn a lot of inspiration and encouragement from senior sisters in the parish who worked hard at recruitment.

Brothers and Sisters in the Queen of Peace Parish can now boast of Queen of Peace Commandery #604 and Ladies Auxiliary #510 in Madina, Accra, Ghana.

If the men have any reason to be proud, it is only because of the indefatigable spirit of some senior ladies who encouraged the faithful eight. Special mention should be made of Sister Maud Asamoah, Sister Agnes Awudu, Sister Prudence Danku, Sister Veronica Jackson and Sister Felicia Klu. Our Cadets and Junior Auxiliary all deserve our applause and here we salute them.

Floreat! Queen of Peace Commandery #604, Ladies Auxiliary #510, Cadets #604 and Junior Auxiliary #143!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Knights,The Ladies Auxiliary, The Cadets and Junior Auxiliary

THE KNIGHTS - 14th District Commandery

THE LADIES AUXILIARY - Accra East District 3

The Ladies Co-ordinating Committee was established to co-ordinate the activities of the three Grand Ladies Auxiliaries in Ghana with Sis. Josephine Sey as the first Chairperson.

The Ladies Auxiliary have been very active in organising in all the five countries in West Africa. The first Ladies Auxiliary was organised in Liberia followed by Philomena's Auxiliary at Sekondi, then Kumasi, Keta and Denu respectively all in Ghana. The ladies are a strong support of the Knights whenever they turnout.(A turnout is when the Order appears for an event in full military uniform)

Running concurrently with the Knights and Ladies are the Cadet Commanderies & Junior Auxiliaries. These are the nursery stages of the Order where young boys and girls, as future leaders, are groomed to take over from the older Knights and Ladies.

Meeting Days of Commandery and Auxilliary of Queen of Peace, Madina - All meetings are held at the Queen of Peace Catholic School premises.

The Knights Commandery meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9.00 am.
The Ladies Auxiliary meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 8.00 am.
The Cadet Commandery meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after First Mass.
The Junior Auxiliary meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. after the First Mass.

The Patron Saint of the Ladies Auxiliary is The Blessed Virgin Mary and her colours are Blue for love and White for purity

The Patron Saint of the Knights is St. John the Baptist

The Order is involved in the following activities:

Religious/Catholic Action
Spiritual Growth
Charitable Benevolence
Social/Fraternal Activity
Athletics/Military Drill
Youth Development/Sport and games